Is your daily skincare a routine or ritual?

Once in a while, each one of us, out of sudden enthusiasm, set out to build a daily healthy routine. We make lofty plans and strong resolutions to diligently care for our skin, physical health and mental health. Schedules are created, alarms are set, and accessories to assist in this momentous journey of self-care are brought home. However, over a period of time, plans get toppled, alarms get snoozed and the embellishments of self-love are left to rust in oblivion. Blessed are those who stick to the routine consistently and make it a lifestyle.

What can possibly be the reason behind this total destruction of plans? Well, one can find many a reason, but certainly the most important of them all is the monotony and emptiness of routine. After a while, we lose sight of the whole point of building a routine and fall prey to boredom. This is because routines are all about mindless repetition.

If we can bring in our conscious being to this routine, then the whole exercise can turn refreshing and fruitful. That’s what you call a 'ritual'. The ritual adds meaning to the routine. It is about being mindful at the moment and being aware of the transformation.

Take for instance, the ritualistic practices of any religion. The monotonous nature of centuries-old practices is surpassed by the application of commitment to it. When you devote yourself to a cause, the journey itself, rather than the set goal, becomes heartening. This is true for self-care too.

The next time you formulate a skin care routine for yourself, try to tap in the inner consciousness. Rather than mindlessly using cosmetic products and devices, delve into the sensory experience and draw soulful energy.

Let’s have a look at the morning and night skin care routine and see how it can be changed into a meaningful experience.

Morning skin care routine focuses on hydrating from a restful (hopefully) nights sleep whilst protecting the skin from exposure to the sun, heat, pollution and dirt. It almost sets you up for the day... an intention as such. 

  1. Cleanser - Cleansing is the most basic step of skin care. Use a gentle cleanser in the morning. You may have followed a strict night routine and removed all makeup. But cleansing in morning is still necessary as the skin may have accumulated dust, bacteria and skin oil from pillow case.

  2. Tone – It is especially beneficial to those who have oily skin. Toner helps to balance pH levels and moisture levels.

  3. Antioxidant Serum - The serum can help to reverse the damage of skin from sunlight and pollution. It also helps to mitigate dark spots.

  4. Eye Cream - It is an effective preventative care because it provides the thin and sensitive skin around eyes with a focused treatment.

  5. Moisturiser - It helps to hydrate and rejuvenate the health of the skin.    

  6. SPF - This is one procedure that we cannot afford to skip. Apply a broad-spectrum SPF 30 or higher face sunscreen as the last step in the morning skincare routine.

Night skin care routine gives care and nourishment for the skin after a ruthless day. 

  1. Cleanse - Use a makeup remover first and then use a gentle cleanser to remove all the impurities collected over the day.  

  2. Exfoliate – It helps to remove dead skin cells and also aids in the better absorption of the treatment products.

  3. Moisturise – This helps to nourish the skin cells and speeds up the repair process.

We are well aware of the steps to be followed in morning and evening skin care routine. So, how shall we ensure that this routine is diligently followed every dawn and night?


When we wash the face or apply the skincare products, take your own sweet time. Indulge in the self-care process. Try to feel the skin each time you apply the products. Bring your mind down to the minutest details. Trust me; this can be quite a meditative experience. This approach will certainly elevate the routine to a cherishable experience and you will start looking forward to it. And this positive mindset itself can bring a beautiful glow to your skin. Instead of rushing through the process and completing a chore, you can take time to understand the changes that the skincare regimen is bringing to your skin. Additionally, you can follow the same meditative approach in regularly cleansing the beauty devices and cosmetic tools. This is imperative as it prevents breakouts and skin infections.

Every little anomaly in our body will primarily reflect on the skin, be it physical or mental. Make your skin-care routine the time to unwind, introspect and meditate. This will help you relax and the results will be definitely shown in the skin. Then you will love every minute of your routine. And, you will never miss a day of skin care.