At Dr Tanya Skincare, we believe that all skin is unique and should be celebrated for exactly that.

From blemish-prone, oily, and combination to dry, sensitive, pigmented, and more, there are no two identical skin conditions, which means nor should one’s journey to achieving long-lasting radiance. 

Combining Dr Tanya’s ayurvedic roots with her twenty years of medical expertise, the Dr Tanya Skincare range has been carefully created to deliver clinical results with minimal effort and downtime.

Our Australian-made, doctor-formulated brand is designed with all skin concerns and types in mind — because everyone deserves to feel confident and beautiful in their skin. Are you ready to feel the Dr Tanya difference?

1. Acneic & Oily, Combination & Congested

 Acneic, oily, and combination skin types are generally characterised by enlarged pores and excess oil on all or certain parts of the face. Due to excess sebum (oil) production, this skin type is more susceptible to a little extra shine, acne breakouts, and congestion. Wondering what you can do to keep radiance high and oil production low? Here are our go-to products for blemish-prone and oily skin types!


2. Dry & Dehydrated

Struggling with tight, itchy, rough, or dull-looking skin? The chances are your skin is likely dry (lacking oil) or dehydrated (lacking water). When it comes to optimal skin health and barrier protection, there are fewer things more important than adequate hydration and oil production. Wondering how you can restore your natural glow and achieve a nourished, silky finish? Here are our top performers for skin types needing a little extra TLC. 


3. Sensitive, Allergic or Irritated

Are you tired of your sensitive skin getting in the way of long-term results? Whether you struggle with excessive inflammation, itchiness, hot rashes, or redness, easily irritated skin types require a bespoke pathway to achieving radiance and results. Combining tried, tested, and widely adored ingredients that boast soothing properties with advanced medical knowledge, Dr Tanya’s Skincare range is designed to strengthen, support, and nourish even the most sensitive skin — including those prone to allergies and irritations.


4. Pigmentation, uneven tone, and texture

Struggling to find a sustainable skincare solution to counteract hyperpigmentation? You’re looking at it! Generally categorised by patches of darker skin and uneven skin texture, hyperpigmentation results from an overproduction of melanin, often caused by ageing, sun damage, hormones, and genetics. Combining age-old ayurvedic ingredients with modern day medicine, Dr Tanya’s Skincare range is designed to smooth, repair, and nourish physically textured and uneven skin tones to help restore radiance and youthfulness.