At Dr Tanya, we stand firmly behind our commitment to manufacturing a premium doctor-formulated skincare range that delivers clinical results. As a Dr Tanya Skincare stockist, you’ll gain access to a brand that refuses to compromise on the quality of their ingredients, formulas, or manufacturing standards.

We are proudly partnered with stockists all around the world, and consider our partnerships as valuable as the quality of our products. If you’re looking for a strategic partnership to help elevate your business, contact our team today.

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Experience The Dr Tanya Difference

From the ingredients we select to the formulas we design, our entire cosmeceutical skincare range incorporates evidence-based science for absolute reassurance that your customers skin is in the hands of a qualified Doctor with over 20 years of experience. As a brand built on medical-grade results, we're regularly taking our products through clinical
trials and conducting market research to understand the needs of our customers.
Consumers trust expertise, and that’s exactly what we offer.

Our skincare range is 100% Australian-made and manufactured at a six-leaf energy-rated commercial facility on the Gold Coast, Queensland. When it comes to personal skincare products, many brands partner with overseas manufacturers and utilise demineralised tap water in their formulas. Not only does this strip the water of naturally occurring minerals, but it also contributes to chemical loading, resulting in
skin irritations and additional skin problems. As such, we utilise water that is 'alive' and has nothing added or taken away to ensure we deliver premium quality products we're proud to stand behind.

The Dr Tanya Skincare cosmeceutical rangeincludes several high-quality active ingredients to help deliver clinical results in minimal time. Unlike many other brands that require you to buy several products to achieve the same results, our formulas are designed to incorporate multiple active and natural ingredients for an all-in-one skincare solution. Where your customer's skin is concerned, Dr Tanya Skincare refuses to compromise on quality ingredients, research, or testing. Reap the rewards of a skincare range that can confidently sell itself.

Wherever your business takes you, Dr Tanya Skincare will be by your side. We aren’t restricted by borders, which means we partner with businesses, large and small, all around the world to help fulfil their customers' needs. Currently, we’re available with stockists through Australia, the Middle East, and India. Wondering if this includes you? Contact our team
today to discuss further.

At Dr Tanya Skincare, we believe in maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with our trusted partners. We endeavour to make this relationship as valuable for you as it is for us. Here’s how our brand can help elevate yours: Complimentary samples to help elevate your customers’ experience.

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