The Brand Built on Four Years of R&D | Business News Australia

I first launched Dr Tanya in 2018, but during COVID I stopped pushing the sales and put my energy into research and development instead. Now three years later, the outcome has been wonderful. We had one hour for our launch event through the Television Shopping Network, and we had completely sold out within 30 minutes.

Dr Tanya Unni

Dr Tanya Unni, co-founder of Amtan Medical and a prominent figure in the Gold Coast medical community, has ventured into skincare with her latest project, Dr Tanya Skincare. 

After four years of research and development, the new skincare line boasts a fresh look and a product lineup that exceeded the founder's expectations. Impressively, the products sold out within just thirty minutes of the launch.

Dr Tanya sat down with Business News Australia to talk all things business - from launching a business during a global pandemic to using her Indian roots and medical background to deliver premium quality products with a unique edge.