Women We Admire: 5 Minutes with Dr Tanya | A-Beauty

Dr Tanya Unni sitting on a chair

Mother’s guilt, cultural diversity and being a female entrepreneur were the three main hurdles that I’ve had to overcome.

Dr Tanya Unni

Meet the incredible Dr Tanya Unni, a superhero mum and a globetrotting doctor who's now making waves on the Gold Coast. Juggling her role as a mom to two  sons and a career that's taken her from India to the UK and Australia, Dr Tanya is adding a new title to her impressive resume — beauty entrepreneur! 


Dr Tanya isn't just about looking good; she's all about doing good too. She's planning to use part of the profits from her incredible skincare company to fuel her philanthropic efforts back in India.

In the spirit of International Women's Day 2022 and the theme of diversity and inclusivity, a-beauty sat down with Dr Tanya to chat about her journey, the challenges she's conquered, and her take on how the beauty industry can step up its game in embracing multiculturalism.