Talking Global Expansion with Dr Tanya | Professional Beauty

My skincare line aims at covering all aspects of skincare, incorporating natural skincare and active medical-grade products. I am a big believer in adapting evidence-based medicine with authentic, time-tested ancient recipes. I feel there is no one solution to a problem, and we must adapt and be open about using eastern and western medicine to solve the problems.

Dr Tanya Unni

At Dr Tanya Skincare, we've noticed a considerable shift in the market where consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of the quality of the products they put in their bodies and on their skin. As both a General Practitioner and Skin Specialist, Dr Tanya Unni wanted to shape the Dr Tanya Skincare brand to offer a more holistic approach to skin health and overall wellness. 

Professional Beauty’s Anita Quade sat down with Dr Tanya to discuss all things beauty and business — including what customers can expect from Dr Tanya Skincare in the next year, the biggest beauty trends and ingredients currently on the market, and industry predictions for the next five years.