Clearing the Air on Common Hair Serum Queries

Woman with long blonde hair holding a bottle of hair serum

You’ve probably heard of face serums – magical, antioxidant-rich elixirs that boost our skin’s hydration and collagen – but did you know that hair serums are a thing, too? 

Beyond the regular shampoo and conditioner, our hair requires more TLC than a lot of us realise. 

Enter: Hair serum. More specifically, Dr Tanya’s Holy Basil Hair Serum, a unique scalp and hair revival potion containing sacred Indian Holy Basil. Not that we’re biased, but it really is one of the best on the market *wink wink*.

But before you go clicking and adding this Holy Grail of hair products to your cart, we’re here to answer a few common questions about hair serums – and shed a little extra light on their benefits.

How do hair serums work and what benefits do they offer your hair?

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Hair serums work by forming a protective barrier on your hair strands, locking in moisture and smoothing the cuticle to create a sleek, polished appearance. 

Their typically lightweight formulas not only shield the hair from environmental stressors but also deliver a host of benefits to enhance the overall health and appearance of your hair, including:

  • Taming frizz and flyaways
  • Adding shine and lustre
  • Protecting against heat damage from styling tools
  • Preventing breakage and split ends
  • Enhancing manageability and styling versatility
  • Promoting healthy hair growth
  • Reducing the effects of dryness and unwanted scalp conditions like dandruff

Should I use hair serum daily?

The short answer? No. Dr Tanya recommends using hair serum once or twice a week for best results. 

It's crucial to exercise moderation when using hair serum to avoid overloading your hair with product. Using too much product or applying serum too frequently for your hair type can actually have the opposite effect, leaving your hair looking and feeling weighed down, greasy, or oily. 

Most hair experts will agree that you shouldn’t use serum every single day. This will also make your beautiful little bottle last longer – it’s a win-win!

When to use Dr Tanya’s Holy Basil Hair Serum

Let’s say you wash your hair twice a week, which is the ideal amount to minimise washing and preserve the hair’s natural oils, here’s when you should use Dr Tanya’s serum:

On the first weekly wash day as a nourishing pre-wash scalp treatment, and

2-3 days after that first wash to maintain hydration and shine (ideally in between hair washes).

Hey, here’s the science: Dr Tanya recommends using the serum before you wash your hair to help stimulate new growth and prevent dryness and scalp conditions like dandruff.

Why we’re advocates for weekly hair serum use

Regular use of hair serum (once or twice per week) helps to replenish moisture, smooth the hair cuticle, and protect against environmental stressors like heat and dryness. This leaves your locks looking and feeling hydrated, silky, and manageable. 

By nourishing and protecting the hair strands, regularly applied serums help combat environmental stressors and daily styling damage, promoting overall hair health and vitality.

Can hair serums help reduce unwanted frizz and split ends?

Woman holding damaged strands of her hair

That’s a rhetorical question, right? We only ask because yes, that is exactly what hair serums are made for!

Frizzy hair and split ends can wreak havoc on even the most well-maintained locks. For those of us living in hot, dry conditions, they’re even bigger problems. 

Fortunately, hair serums are more than up to the task of addressing these pesky issues head-on (no pun intended).

How hair serums calm frizz

Frizz occurs when the hair cuticle becomes raised and uneven, allowing moisture to penetrate and disrupt the hair's natural pattern.

Hair serums (aka the superheroes of the hair world) contain smoothing agents that coat the hair shaft, effectively sealing the cuticle and creating a sleek, polished surface.

This barrier prevents moisture from entering the hair shaft, thereby minimising frizz and leaving the hair looking smoother and more manageable.

If you’re looking for a hair serum for frizzy hair, we’ve got you covered.

Battling split ends

In addition to taming frizz, hair serums also help reduce the occurrence of split ends and breakage. Split ends occur when the hair shaft becomes damaged and begins to fray, leading to a rough, uneven appearance. 

Hair serums contain potent conditioning ingredients that nourish and strengthen the hair shaft, helping to repair existing damage and prevent future breakage. 

By sealing the hair shaft and preventing moisture loss, serums create a protective barrier that shields the hair from environmental stressors and mechanical damage, such as brushing and styling. 

This promotes healthier, stronger hair over time, with fewer split ends and less breakage. 

Can hair serums promote hair growth and prevent hair loss?

While most 'off the shelf' hair serums aren't specifically designed to promote hair growth, they can help create an optimal environment for healthy hair growth by nourishing the scalp and protecting the hair strands.

New hair is grown in the scalp, so without proper hydration and targeted treatments, no amount of hair growth is possible. Look for serums enriched with ingredients like Holy Basil, Vitamin E, and antioxidants, which support scalp health and stimulate circulation to the hair follicles.

Dr Tanya explains: Hair growth comes from a combination of regular treatments. We want to nourish and massage the 'new' hair on the tops of our heads and then 'maintain' the ends from the mid-section down. 

What does the science say? Interestingly, a 2020 study showed that specially formulated hair serums used over a 90 day test period resulted in improved hair growth rate and density while reducing hair loss and thinning.

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Your haircare ritual: How to apply hair serum for best results

At Dr Tanya Skincare, we’re all about rituals. Our products are developed with step-by-step routines in mind, so that you can easily get the most out of your treatments thanks to targeted applications based on scientifically-proven results.

Here’s your go-to weekly haircare guide that incorporates Dr Tanya’s Holy Basil Hair Serum at strategic intervals:

A grid showing a 7-day hair care routine

Hot tip: Up to Day 4 of your ritual? Try applying your serum in the morning and washing it out at night. We like to use this method in the Dr Tanya team as the longer the serum stays in your scalp, the better your results will be!

Dr Tanya’s Holy Basil Hair Serum: Your new go-to for luscious locks

Smiling woman holding Dr Tanya’s Holy Basil Hair Serum bottle

Now that we’ve cleared the air on all things hair serums, it’s time to treat your mane to the silky shine it deserves. 

With Dr Tanya’s scientifically formulated product, you can revive even the dullest, tired-looking hair instantly.

Harnessing the power of traditional Indian Holy Basil and potent Vitamin E, this unique serum blends ancient and modern rituals for a power-packed shine-inducing treatment.

Reap the benefits of:

  • Ocimum Tenuiflorum Oil: Commonly known as Holy Basil, this revered botanical is known for its ability to rejuvenate and invigorate the hair and scalp. Address scalp issues like dandruff, hair loss, and lacklustre locks while strengthening your hair follicles and revitalising your scalp.

  • Tocopheryl Acetate, or Vitamin E: A powerhouse antioxidant that promotes hair growth, strength, and shine. This naturally potent vitamin not only boosts scalp health but also increases hydration and nourishment for your hair. 

Ready to breathe life into your haircare ritual and swish those smooth, shiny locks like you’ve always dreamed of? Start with our Holy Basil Hair Serum. We promise you’ll never look back.

Want to complete the ritual? Get the most out of your new serum when pairing it with our Holy Basil Shampoo and Conditioner. Bundle them together for the ultimate haircare trio of treats!