All Your Retinol Eye Cream Questions Answered by Experts | Women’s Weekly

A lady dropping face serum

“With our under-eye and orbital eye area being susceptible to fine lines, puffiness and crow’s feet as we mature, retinol will support cellular turnover and exfoliation to improve texture and overall brightness of the area.”

Dr Tanya Unni

You’ve likely heard the benefits of adding a retinol serum to your skincare toolkit to minimise the effects of ageing. But did you know it boasts similar benefits when incorporated into an eye cream?

Dr Tanya Unni — qualified Doctor and founder of Dr Tanya Skincare — spoke with Women’s Weekly’s Bec Milligan to discuss all things related to retinol eye creams. To learn more about using retinol eye creams, including the benefits, their effectiveness, what age you should start, and their top picks, read the full article.

From Dope Skin and Paula’s Choice to Ella Bache, No 7 and more, you’ll find a comprehensive list of some of the best retinol eye creams on the market. 
The cherry on top? Dr Tanya’s Eye Lift Tightening Serum has made the list, owing to its gentle yet effective formula designed to treat deep wrinkles and the appearance of dark, tired-looking eyes.