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Hair Essentials

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The Dr Tanya NuBrush, combined with the Holy Basil Hair Serum, is a revolutionary haircare routine set to promote healthier and happier hair. The NuBrush, paired with the potent power of Holy Basil, is the ultimate stimulation for hair growth, shine and scalp rejuvenation.

This kit includes:

A unique scalp and hair serum containing sacred Indian Holy Basil. Revive the dullest, tired-looking hair instantly with Dr Tanya's Holy Basil Hair Serum.

Dr Tanya's NuBrush is a comprehensive vibrating brush that dispenses serums, oils, and other treatments evenly throughout the scalp to promote healthier, happier hair. 


Get more from your haircare…

Level up your hair and self-care simultaneously by applying the Holy Basil Hair Serum with this gentle vibrating brush for the ultimate relaxation. With consistent use of Dr Tanya's NuBrush, you may experience the following:

  • Reduced hair loss
  • Increased root strength and hair growth/length
  • Reduced greasiness
  • Improved blood circulation and relaxation

Massaging the scalp with serums and oils enhances penetration into the scalp for deep conditioning, detoxifying the scalp and improving hair health and vitality.

    • 3-speed function
    • Auto shut off after 10 minutes of use
    • Re-chargeable lithium battery
    • Universal easy-to-use USB charger with light indicator
    Hair Essentials
    Hair Essentials
    Holy Basil Hair Serum Bundle
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    The Science

    Enjoy the ultimate solution to hair growth and scalp rejuvenation by combining the potent powers of the Dr Tanya NuBrush and Holy Basil Hair Serum (30ml) — the revolutionary hair care duo chosen to promote happier, healthier hair. Here’s how we do it:

    • NuBrush — Vibrational technology that stimulates blood circulation, encourages hair growth, and offers deeper penetration and conditioning for improved hair vitality and root strength.
    • Holy Basil Hair Serum (30ml) — Contains Holy Basil and Vitamin E to help strengthen hair follicles and scalp health, prevent hair loss, and stimulate hair growth.